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Texas woman gang Pioneer Chaka Castro sentenced for robbing Indian-American Houses

A Texas woman was sentenced to 37 years in prison for leading a group that carried out concentrated robberies of Indian-American houses across the united states.

Following a five-week trial, Castro was convicted of a single count of Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organisations (RICO) conspiracy, four counts of assault with a dangerous weapon in support of racketeering and four counts of use of a firearm during and in connection with a crime of violence.

Based on the evidence presented at trial, by 2011 to 2014, Castro and her prosecution crews dedicated a series of home invasions at Georgia, New York, Ohio, Michigan and Texas.

The leader of this gang was Castro, who’d create lists of robbery aims in a variety of states across the nation, especially households of Indian and Asian ancestry, then assign her accomplices to execute the armed robberies of those families inside their houses.

After Castro assigned a team to a specific place, members of this team could travel to this place, run surveillance and implement the robberies. Applying a particular modus operandi at each of these robberies, the crews masked their look together with clothes and bandanas to ensure sufferers of the thefts could have trouble identifying them. They’d openly transmit and brandish guns to acquire control of the sufferers then instantly corral the victims, including children, into a single place in the house. A minimum of one robber would subsequently control the sufferers with duct tape and dangers of violence, as the other spouse would ransack the house in search of money, electronics and jewellery to steal. The team organised their excursions to involve several home invasion robberies within a set of days, prosecutors said.