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Thai authorities re-open cave in Which Soccer team was Immobilized in 2018

Last updated on November 2, 2019

Thai police have re-opened a famed cave where the local soccer team and their coach had been trapped underground for months in 2018.

The Tham Luang cave has been re-opened on Saturday over a year because the 12 young players to its Wild Boar Academy and their trainer had been rescued in July 2018.

The group, which had entered the cave 23 June 2018, were caught during a flash flooding and had to live on water leaking out of the rocks.

The worldwide rescue campaign was headline news around the world.

On Saturday, Duangporn Sookawong, 75, that came from the southern Songkhla province, stated she thought that the rescue was a wonder and the boys were so fortunate that they could survive despite being trapped in the dark, yet complicated network of caves.

Back in July, the Thai soccer team returned to Tham Laung annually because of their spectacular rescue to honor former sailors that perished in the rescue attempt.

In April it had been disclosed that Netflix had agreed a deal to create a mini-series regarding the rescue, while two novels have been printed about it.