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The 2020 WorldSkills Russia National Competition Are the Biggest ever thanks to Space Technology

The WorldSkills Russia National Competition occurs annually and attracts excellent students and coaches of technical and technical education from across the nation.

Currently in its eighth season, at 2020 the contest is going to be the biggest yet, with over 2,800 participants, aged from 12 to 22, competing in abilities from seven businesses — building and construction technology; innovative arts and style; communication and information technologies; engineering and manufacturing technology; societal and individual services; transport and logistics, and potential abilities.

“And abilities have demonstrated to be crucial: while the entire world was set on pause, crucial employees kept it going. WorldSkills Russia also maintained shifting ¬– we didn’t stop our actions but corrected them into the present situation to encourage federal technical and vocational associations via present and recently developed means. What we’re doing in Russia is our answer to this worldwide challenge and our contribution to the international skills development schedule. The pandemic will finish, but the answers will stay evolve.”

Working remotely to get a wider reach

The contest, held from 6-21 September, in part owes its growth to another hybrid structure, which will utilize space and internet technologies as well as conventional onsite activities. This usually means that the event can adapt a lot more participants, and boost the geographic chances for competitions, coaches, judges, and audiences.

Reflecting changes in global methods for working and also the rise of the digital market, this transformation is caused by collaborative work.

New digital programs and resources developed by these businesses are used for instruction, instruction, independent evaluation, and contests. Software firm 1C started new online training applications, as an instance, while electric engineering firm IEK helped lots of educational institutions to digitize their clinic. Welding business Kemppi has established a string of hands-on classes for pupils, leaders, and entrepreneurs about the best way best to adapt hands-on learning into a space format. Everyone these new tools and practices was implemented when building skills with this variant of the National Competition.

“A new fact is challenging that the vocational education system,” explained Robert Urazov, the overall manager of WorldSkills Russia. “We’re at a special point in its evolution. Despite severe changes in the outside environment, we’re able to rapidly react and adapt to new requirements and proceeded to construct our job about functional training, which is vital to what we do. This was due to successful networking with the specialist community, which can be flexible and adapts readily to change. The digitalization of this market impacts the evolution of vocational education, and our job is to have the ability to satisfy the challenges of their time and also to assist the system operate under any circumstances”.

Competitors, each of whom was chosen from regional retreats and distinctive qualifiers, will execute their assigned jobs in chosen educational centers around Russia. These can be equipped with internet cameras, and so that managers can overlook the procedure and ensure strict adherence to contest regulations, and evaluations will also be completed remotely. Practical work that must not be assessed online is going to be transmitted to the contest management center, this year found in the Kuzbass area, or even the auxiliary facilities situated in Moscow and Kazan.

Also referred to as the Kemerovo Oblast, Kuzbass is a significant area for significant industry and metallurgy, and among the greatest and coal-mining centers on earth.

“The area requires high-level professionals, therefore it’s particularly fascinating for us that Kuzbass has come to be the center for its VIII WorldSkills Russia National Competition. This is a superb chance to show young people the complete assortment of the very popular working careers and provide competition participants the opportunity to boost their abilities. Spectators, also, are going to have the ability to find out more about those professions which will enable them to show their talents and skills, and also to fully realize their potential”

Simultaneous conference program and instructional activities

A seminar program will happen in tandem with all the contests, but this year is going to be held through distant broadcasts, together with cutting-edge augmented reality technologies. Webinars, online discussions, and workshops will bring together participants and audiences from Russia and across the world, as major professionals and specialists discuss the latest developments and future approaches for coaching qualified professionals.

The program will consist of talks around criteria for workforce training; cooperation among WorldSkills Russia regional coordination centers; development of new abilities; functional exams and the best way to make sure they stick to the criteria of WorldSkills Russia, along with the execution of’Ticket to the Future’ — an early career advice project for schoolchildren.

Included in the undertaking, remote program Try-A-Skill allows anybody to have a virtual tour and also try their hand at various vocational spheres through sports simulators and interactive missions from mentors. Simultaneously, Russian colleges will soon be given access to remote engineering courses where kids can learn about various professions and execute simple tasks.

The schedule of the plenary session”Teleconference 2020-2030″ includes problems connected to the maturation of this WorldSkills Russia motion, which revealed itself capable of solving large-scale and new jobs and meeting the challenges of their future following the achievement of WorldSkills Kazan 2019.

A unique program for overseas spouses enables participants to exchange experiences in implementing electronic and internet solutions for skills competitions. Pros as guest competitions and observers in 40 countries all around the world are encouraged to attend the program, which will occur online. It will have a session to the new competition as well as using electronic options and internet technology; a digital tour of this contest’s remote places and management centers; a coaching session on separate evaluation projects evaluation, according to WorldSkills methodology, at a distant format utilizing electronic technologies; a company talks on collaboration and interaction with industrial partners and employers to organizing online training and competition events, and sessions about the execution of an internet contest model in seven distinct ability sectors.

In this program, WorldSkills Russia will discuss their expertise and resources to assist foreign partners to execute digital and internet solutions in their pragmatic systems.

“We always encourage overseas participants to get involved in our national competitions to swap experiences and together create training criteria and evaluation systems. Included in the contest, we examine recently developed technologies not just in our places but in the areas of partner states, therefore enhancing them and adapting them into a distinct national vocational education program. We get a fantastic response from nations wishing to participate in our opponents and get and execute new instruments developed at the”lab” of WorldSkills Russia, meaning, Russian clinics are being scaled globally,” said Alina Doskanova, manager of international relations in WorldSkills Russia and Russia’s technical assign to WorldSkills International, WorldSkills Europe, and WorldSkills Asia.