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The COVID-19 pandemic Includes a lesson to the EU: it Could no longer be business as Normal

We’ll mourn many who’ve died as a consequence of COVID-19. But, there’s 1 sufferer we won’t weep over: the passing of a neoliberal philosophy that has, up to now, been hegemonic, decisively affecting policies across the world. It’s a philosophy that’s worked tirelessly to hamper the clout of public administrations for their minimal saying, has encouraged them to find maximum economic development, and has radically reduced the could of the frequent good. The warnings which we, the environmentally-committed abandoned, have sent concerning the societal costs and the worldwide dangers of the change have never been enough.

It’s taken a catastrophe of the size to clearly show the negative effects of cuts to health care services, and also to create abundantly clear that international value chains that are encouraged by intercontinental transport and don’t include their ecological costs are delicate.

However, they’re completely mistaken when they believe that the present situation might be a sort of parenthesis where the nation socializes the declines of the catastrophe (that’s to say let culture shoulder the load ), and, after it’s been overcome, everything could go back to where we had been earlier. It would indicate that we’ve not heard anything out of this pandemic and could be a double penalty for the sufferers of COVID-19 as well as their own families. It could be a waste of the person and the collective effort this confinement was. Or, even worse, it could mean ignoring the present health crisis rather than preventing future ones which will necessarily come if we don’t fight more difficult to reduce global warming.

Never should any authorities be concentrated solely on maximizing economic development at any price; rather, it ought to be Assessing the well-being of its individuals and working to combine sustainable economic development. Surely, the priority now is to battle the pandemic and its aftermath, and we’re aware it will be required to socialize losses these jointly. But socializing also signifies dispersing these losses rather; this is, with far bigger participation from people who’ve taken the largest piece of cake previously.

The EU now has a golden chance to behave in the right fashion and persuade its citizens of its raison d’ĂȘtre. It may do this from the short term by combining the liberty of indebtedness of member nations with the European Central Bank’s dedication to obtaining this debt. Also, it must make the repeal of this stability pact durable and substitute it with a wealth pact that needs to comprise, among other items, European taxation on carbon monoxide, on big fortunes and about the profits of multinational corporations.

The competent direction of the present situation may provide the EU with the ability and the capability to combine the European job and be, additionally, the arbiter of this democracy we must survive. Since democracy is exactly that – based on the European project.

The virus pandemic also needs to be a lesson to be learned out of all political and societal actors. The Greens-EFA team at the European Parliament will attempt to be an exemplary pupil. We expect that other political powers will even follow suit because otherwise, there’ll not be a collective advantage. Let’s know the lessons. Now’s the time for each of us to grow at precisely the same direction.