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The Democratic presidential race has a Definite top four — for Today

Last updated on October 22, 2019

You may have overlooked this 2020 advancement amidst all the impeachment news within the last month, so it is well worth highlighting it.

They had been the Best 4 fundraisers at the 3rd quarter cash race; they are the Best 4 Democratic candidates at the nationwide polls; plus they are the Best 4 Dems in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Given that the big, exceptionally diverse field of 20-plus candidates which we began with, it is striking to divide the demographics of the Top 4:

Three are guys, one is a girl.
One is homosexual.
Just one hails from a country outside the East Coast or even New England.
Not one has won a statewide contest Outside the East Coast or even New England (not counting Biden being on the ticket together with Obama in 2008 and 2012).
None hails from a country that has over 11 Electoral College votes.
None is a governor – both former or current.
Just one has served in the army.
“With doubts climbing about former Vice President Joseph R. Biden’s capacity to fund a multi-state main effort, persistent questions about Senator Elizabeth Warren’s viability at the general election and doubt that Mayor Pete Buttigieg, of South Bend, Ind., could expand his appeal outside white voters, Democratic leaders are participating in a comfortable rite: fretting about who’s at the race and also longing for a white knight to join the competition at the last moment”

We are aware that American politics is effective at generating lots of surprises — so it is completely possible another Dem could breakthrough at the next 100 days before the Iowa caucuses.

But in case you had, back in February or March, the 20-plus candidates being resigned to those four Democratic candidates following the fourth Democratic argument, you may want to go buy a lottery ticket.

It had been far from preordained these are the Best 4 in late October 2019.

Impeachment question update: Taylor testifies

Ambassador Bill Taylor — the best U.S. diplomat at Ukraine — is place to be deposed now in closed session, per NBC’s Geoff Bennett.

Taylor, if you remember from these published text messages, is your U.S. diplomat who seemed HIGHLY skeptical of their Trump government’s maneuvers with Ukraine’s president.

Taylor on July 21 — four times prior to Trump’s July 25 telephone with Ukraine’s Zelensky:”Gordon [Sondland], 1 matter Kurt [Volker] and I spoke about yesterday was Sasha Danyliuk’s stage that President Zelensky is sensitive about Ukraine being taken seriously, not only as a tool in Washington national, reelection politics”

Taylor on Sept. 1: “Are we saying that safety assistance and WH assembly are conditioned on investigations?”

Taylor on Sept. 9: “As I said on the telephone, I think that it’s mad to withhold safety support for help with a political campaign”

Additionally, the New York Times reports the Trump met a critic of Ukraine’s new administration — Hungary’s Viktor Orban — only days before a crucial meeting, also Trump”discovered a sharp appraisal that augmented his conscience toward the nation, according to many people educated about the circumstance.”

More: “Mr. Trump in a crucial moment in the Ukraine saga sat in the Oval Office with a European leader with a negative prognosis on Ukraine that augmented remarks he’d heard from his private attorney, Rudolph W. Giuliani, also out of President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia repeatedly over the months and years”

Other nations’ elections

Yesterday evening, Justin Trudeau won another term as Canada’s prime minister.

“Official results will not be declared until all votes have been accounted for, but dependent on ballots reported, the CBC, CTV News, and Radio Canada suggested that Trudeau’s Liberal Party would win enough seats in the House of Commons to have the ability to make a minority government,” each NBC News.

“Beneath a minority government, the Liberals would need to join using a smaller party to pass legislation at the House of Commons.”

Meanwhile, Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu confessed he could not form a new government following last month’s election.

“The chance to make a stable government will fall into his rival Benny Gantz, who leads the major opposition Blue and White celebration”

Tweet of this day

2020 Vision: A Tale of 2 Democratic Campaigns
Repeating a gambit first set up by Cory Booker last month, Julian Castro yesterday told supporters he’ll drop from this 2020 effort if he can not raise $800,000 at the end of October, NBC’s Maura Barrett accounts.

NBC’s Gary Grumbach finds a shift in Bernie Sanders’ method of talking his friendship with rival Elizabeth Warren through a meeting on PBS:”host Judy Woodruff asked Sanders,”’For men and women that are out there considering both of these world views, what’s the difference?’ Sanders responded the way he generally does, indicating he and Elizabeth’ are’good buddies,’ but he did put in a fresh phrasing for this response.’ I believe the only way we bring about real change in this nation isn’t in Capitol Hill,’ Sanders said, invoking previous cultural and political movements like the women’s movement and labor movement to make his purpose. This is a slight change, for certain, but it will look that gone is the day of his Elizabeth is a fantastic friend and I won’t disparage anyone else’ answers”

Data Download: The amount of the day is… 26%
26 percent.

That is the talk of Americans who say they approve of Donald Trump *and that there is almost nothing he can do to shed their service, a new PRRI poll.

That comprises 37 percent of Republicans, 31% of white evangelicals and 55 percent(!) Of all Republicans whose main information source is Fox News.

On the reverse side, almost half — 46 percent — of Americans say they disapprove of Trump and there’s almost nothing he can do to win their acceptance.

Do not miss the bunny from yesterday when we took a closer look at the”Fifth Avenue” vote.

Shameless plug
Late last week, NBC News launched Article II: Within Impeachment — a brand new podcast looking at each one the hottest developments throughout the impeachment question, hosted by Steve Kornacki. Test out it here.

ICYMI: News clips you should not miss
Here is all you want to understand concerning the Canadian election outcomes.

And here is what is next for Israeli politics following Benjamin Netanyahu wasn’t able to make a government.

The Pentagon is drawing up programs to get a fast withdrawal from Afghanistan if Trump surprises army leaders by ordering an immediate drawdown.

Trump’s attorneys and the Manhattan D.A. have reached an arrangement concerning the time of the upcoming legal activity around the battle for Trump’s tax documents.

House Democrats currently say it might take more time to earn the impeachment case to the general public.

Medicaid currently covers a thousand fewer kids than it used to.

Democratic Party leaders are wondering why about potential late entrants into the 2020 race.

Beto O’Rourke wishes to restrict Trump’s pardoning power.

Trump is moving all-in about the 2019 gubernatorial races.

A new publication is not flattering to Kamala Harris’s tackling of this housing crisis during her period as AG.

Julian Castro states he will need to lose if he does not raise $800,000 in another 10 days.

Amy Klobuchar is expecting to exploit momentum following the previous discussion.