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‘The Entire World needs a policeman, the Poor Men are filling the US vacuum,”’ States ex-NATO chief Rasmussen

The planet desires more rigorous American leadership, former NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen informed Euronews, warning of a resurgence from authoritarianism around the world.

He was talking from the Copenhagen Democracy Summit, a yearly event he hosts and which intends to strengthen democracies globally through discussion.

“We lack a clear, international American governmental leadership. We all know from experience that if the Americans escape, they will leave behind a vacuum cleaner, which vacuum will be filled from the bad man, and that is precisely what we’re seeing at this time,” Rasmussen told Euronews at a live TV interview.

“The world needs a policeman to revive global law and order and that I don’t find any other candidate for this role than the USA,” Rasmussen said.

Meanwhile, he suggests establishing an alliance of democracies headed by what he wants to predict the D10 — a bunch of leaders like the G7 that could bring together perhaps not the planet’s economic heavyweights, but”democratic heavyweights such as India, Australia, and South Korea.”

US President Trump is pulling troops from Germany, and by some former national security advisor John Bolton, he had been on the verge of pulling out of NATO entirely. French President Emmanuel Macron additionally warned a year that NATO was almost”brain dead”

Rasmussen deplored that announcements such as these undermine”the political validity of the alliance”.

“Europe must take care of its safety, which goes without mentioning,” he added. “But I believe European safety connected to America.”

“This is precisely the reason why we established NATO several decades back — because we desire American close collaboration with Europe to make sure our safety.”