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The Favourite lives up to the Title in European Theatre’s night of nights

The Favourite lived up to its title in this year’s European Film Awards.

Its Oscar-winning celebrity Olivia Colman wasn’t able to attend due to filming commitments, but co-producer Andrew Lowe addressed the crowd on behalf of their team.

Lowe paid a heartfelt tribute to the manager, who overcome several cinema’s great masters to scoop the award.

Roman Polanski and Marco Bellocchio, two additional favorites, came home.

“I’d love to say a particular thank you for Yorgos Lanthimos, our friend and pioneer with this amazing and epic voyage we have all shared,” Lowe told the Berlin audience. “It has been a fantastic honor for us to be included among so many fantastic nominees in this series.”

Antonio Banderas won the Best European Actor Prize because of his glorious interpretation of Pedro Almodóvar’s alter ego in his most recent movie, Pain and Glory.

He also was not able to attend however addressed the service life out of his hometown, Malaga, where he is playing at a musical.

Ladj Ly was the winner of this 2019 Greatest Discovery, given by international critics because of his movie Les Misérables.

A picture of fantastic intensity, it was shot completely from the Paris suburbs in which the manager grew up.

Ly told Euronews: “Before the movie premiered we worried a great deal about the media response, we thought we could get assaulted, shot, but ultimately the media is unanimous, so we’re super pleased.”

He’ll represent France at the race to the Oscar for Best Foreign Film.

The animation is not any longer a neglected class of European theatre. Plus it had been the Spanish manager Sebastian Simó who won the trophy for the best-animated movie for Buñuel and the Labyrinth of the Turtles.

Alternating between cartoons and graphics taken by Buñuel, the movie relies on the real story of the filmmaker who shot a documentary in distant regions of Spain from the early 1930s.

Simó told Euronews that he was honored to get the award.

“This was my very first movie, and I believe I had been attempting to find my route, my speech, and that I had been making a picture about Luis Buñuel looking for his manner.”

Among the highlights of this day was a tribute from the President of the European Film Academy, Wim Wenders, to his fellow countryman Werner Herzog.

He broke into song when introducing him with a Lifetime Achievement Award, serenading his buddy with the words”nothing compares to you”. 

Juliette Binoche was rewarded for her livelihood and contribution to world theatre.

“For a society that is healthy, we want artists, we want new visions, we will need to hear new things, and being contested at precisely the same moment.”

Reykjavik in Iceland will host the service from 2020, expanding the horizon of European theatre further.