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The Great Green Wall: Documentary aims to Increase awareness of Distressed climate Job

An ambitious reforestation project which intends to plant a wall of trees 8,000km-long around Africa by 2030 has become a trouble.

The Great Green Wall initiative has now passed the halfway stage, but it is estimated to have just covered between 4 percent and 10 percent of its immense target.

A new report blames the lack of progress on a lack of capital and a demand for more technical assistance.

Launched in 2007 from the African Union, the African-led initiative intends to reestablish the continent’s degraded landscapes and alter countless lives among the planet’s poorest regions – the Sahel. Once assembled, it’ll be the largest living structure on Earth, three times the magnitude of the Great Barrier Reef.

Currently, literary Academy Award nominee Fernando Meirelles and Malian musician Inna Modja have combined forces at a movie to increase awareness of the undertaking. The documentary Great Green Wall is called a trip to the front of the climate catastrophe.

Director Jared P. Scott wants the movie to reach as broad an audience as you can. He hopes it’s going to encourage individuals to take action on climate change.