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The International Fact-Checking Network Starts WhatsApp chatbot to Resist Covid-19 misinformation

Last updated on May 4, 2020

The chatbot enables users to readily fact-check a part of the information regarding the Covid-19. The chatbot is free to use and consumers may begin by rescue +1 -LRB-727-RRB- 2912606 for a contact number and text that the term’hi’ to find the bot started. Otherwise, users may click here. The chatbot is presently available in English and can be found in different languages like Hindi, Spanish, and Portuguese soon.

WhatsApp states that the bot has an easy and numerical menu for easier navigation. By WhatsApp, the bot also gives a worldwide directory of fact-checking organizations.

“The machine is capable of identifying the consumer’s nation via the individual’s mobile country code and then supplying them with their nearest fact-checking organizations. The individual can submit a sheet of advice for inspection directly to its regional fact-checker or see its site to find out more about what’s been circulating in the area,” explained WhatsApp at a discharge.

The new chatbot a part of all WhatsApp’s ongoing attempts to suppress the spread of all Covid-19 misinformation about its platform. Last month, WhatsApp’d donated $1 million into the Poynter Institute’s global fact-checking network.

Just lately it curbed sending a message into only 1 chat. The movement helped WhatsApp decrease forward up to 70 percent.

WhatsApp chatbots also have emerged as a powerful instrument to assist users to become educated about the Covid-19. The World Health Organisation (WHO) and Indian authorities have established chatbots for its coronavirus.

We’re extremely happy to now can encourage IFCN’s essential fact-checking work together with the launching of the important service for WhatsApp users. There are more than 40 IFCN-verified fact-checkers across the globe that are utilizing the WhatsApp Business program to debunk coronavirus hoaxes for taxpayers in their respective nations.”

Since poor actors utilize every stage to disseminate falsehoods, to deceive others throughout these troubling times, fact-checkers’ function is more significant than ever. Since January, IFCN’s CoronavirusFacts Alliance was using the capacity of this fact-checking community to assist users to sort reality from fiction from debunking falsehoods across the COVID-19 pandemic. The IFCN chatbot enables users to look for reality checks and get linked with fact-checkers inside their nations from their telephones. The chatbot may also function as a means to direct people into their regional fact-checkers’ websites”