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‘The Mountain’ Celebrity from Game of Thrones sets Fresh deadlift Album

The strongman and actor who played with Ser Gregor”The Mountain” Clegane at Game of Thrones have established a new deadlift entire album.

Hafthor Bjornsson, that won the title of World’s Strongest Person in 2018, raised 501kg, beating the previous record by a single kilogram.

That is about the burden of six guys who weigh only over 80kg each.

The Icelandic 31-year-old conquer the record set in the World Deadlift Championships in 2016 from Eddie Hall by the United Kingdom.

Bjornsson increased the weight for 2 minutes before falling the barbell and observing with his spouse Kelsey Henson.

“I am proud of myself. And my spouse,” he added.

He also completed the effort in his power fitness center in his native Iceland.