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The Port of Antwerp readies to Get a’Difficult Brexit

With a couple weeks to go until the Brexit deadline, most cancer medications are being shipped en masse into the United Kingdom.

However, what could a difficult Brexit mean for Stefan Durt along with his coworkers?

“Instantly, there’ll be a few flaws in the Dover/Calais crossing as folks might need to do some paperwork. All of the remainder is connected to fiscal and custom settings,” states Durt.

With this Yusen Logistics is prepared. Clients have accommodated their VAT amounts. What worries Stefan today is the way Brexit will affect his motorists that stem from Eastern Europe.

“I think that it will make life harder in transport, how we could utilize drivers in the united kingdom, if they could still utilize their current European licenses to push in and around the united kingdom. It will be more difficult for us to discover the essential potential for drivers, it’s not a fantastic thing.”

Yusen Logistics is merely one of 900 businesses based at the Port of Antwerp which is affected by Brexit.

“We did quite a great deal of conferences, we organized roadshows in the united kingdom and Ireland.

Wim isn’t the only one prepared and place. According to the study in Price Waterhouse Coopers, Belgium is much better able than its allies. Nevertheless, Wim is profoundly worried about the company.

“The largest difficulty isn’t to my opinion the logistics solutions, it’s the company itself… that is insufficiently prepared… As far as we all know is that the British are far less ready than the side.”

Preparations that many believe could have been in vain when the UK asks for yet another expansion in the coming times.