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The Short: Day 6 hearings – old Palms, new jobs

It is the first day of hearings and three homeless Juncker commissioners are facing questions from MEPs to their new characters under Ursula von der Leyen.

From the Short, we have a peek at their paths to the very best.

President Donald Trump called her”the taxation woman which hates the US” and he would expect harder choices from Margrethe Vestager. She’ll keep the Competition portfolio when she receives confirmation since the Executive Vice-President for the Digital Age.

In the previous five decades, the conclusion of liberal politicians to employ multi-billion euros’ worth penalties to multinationals, particularly in the technological sector, brought her the dislike of strong leaders and CEOs but also the admiration from several more.

Despite this performance and her prior experience as minister for Economic Affairs and Interior, Vestager dropped the race to become president of the European Commission, past might.

Nevertheless, the European Council decided of her as among those Vice-presidents, when they picked Ursula von p Leyen for the very best job.

Coordinating work on regions like large information, artificial intelligence, and electronic solutions, the”tax woman” will form policy with large economic and social impacts for Europe, both internally and as an international power.

Riding into one of the very senior positions in Europe, probably on two-wheels. The climate mindful socialist Dutchman Frans Timmermans will direct the flagship policy of the Australian Commission.

The following Commission president Ursula von der Leyen has left him her number two. A place he understands well – having been the very first vice president of the incoming Juncker commission.

Ahead of Brussels, as Dutch foreign minister, he gained global attention with a fervent UN security council address following the downing of MH17 in 2014 murdering 193 of his countrymen.

“Can they lock palms with their nearest and dearest… .did they maintain their children near their hearts…”

As a socialist candidate to become president last May’s European elections that he seemed near at the same point.

Upgrades on Commissioner-designates

Sylvie Goulard needing to walk the additional mile – following a tough grilling from the European Parliament last week, the French Commissioner-designate for the internal market has been given yet another opportunity: response a set of written queries or else. Following that, the committee will vote.

Janusz Wojciechowski, the candidate for EU agriculture Commissioner, had his last-chance hearing Tuesday. The written replies he supplied failed to attract the committee on his side, and he was accepted.