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The Undertaker Shows Motives for bitter Competition with WWE rival Shawn Michaels

Last updated on September 29, 2019

The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels have fought a number of their most memorable games in WWE Wrestlemania business. However, their wrestling competition came to ending when Hall of Famer Michaels contested The Deadman to get a fight in the Grandest Stage of all of them and pledged to finish Undertaker’s Wrestlemania series. Michaels didn’t do this in 2009 and challenged The Phenom again – now increasing the stakes: In case Michaels loses, he’d announce his retirement by in-ring competition. Michaels finally dropped to The Undertaker and bowed from WWE.

But this was a part of the WWE narrative. Within an out of personality interview into WWE, The Undertaker spoke about the reasons why he got and all the former World Champion at the moment.

If Shawn Michaels back was on fire, then I likely would not stop *** on him to out him. However, that said, there’s no one I prefer to be in the ring than Shawn Michaels.”

Michaels, on being contested on the same, added: “In regards to bell time and we had been looking around the ring in each other we knew it was going to become something very unique.”

“It is not like that there was a lot of animosity. We’re two quite different personalities. I was quite outgoing, and that’s to say I was too obnoxious, and Mark’s been a silent, laid-back sort of man.”

“A very Cool Hand Luke, really Clint Eastwood-ish kind, and that I wasn’t.”