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The US tightens restrictions on technology exports into China, Russia, including Venezuela

The Trump Administration announced new export management activities to stop attempts by entities in China, Russia, and Venezuela to acquire American technologies that might be used for the growth of weapons, military aircraft, and surveillance via civilian distribution chains.

“It is crucial to take into account the consequences of conducting business with nations which have histories of deflecting goods bought from US firms for military programs,” said Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

“Particular entities in China, Russia, and Venezuela have sought to bypass America’s export controls, and undermine American interests generally, so we’ll stay vigilant to make sure US technology doesn’t get into the incorrect hands,” Ross stated.

Prominent among the principal changes include the growth of Military End-Use/User Controls (MEU), elimination of permit exception civil end-users (CIV), and removal of permit exception added permissive reexports (APR) provisions.

The rule expands MEU license demands controls on China, Russia, and Venezuela to pay army end-users in all 3 nations, in addition to items like semiconductor equipment, detectors, and other technology hunted for military use or from army end-users in these nations.

The rule also proposes to remove specific provisions of a permit exception for associate countries between the reexport of all NS-controlled objects to countries of national security concern to guarantee consistent testimonials of exports and reexports of all US items.

“This principle is grounded in two fundamental truths: Modern warfare is the high technology and China’s so-called’private business’ is imitation. Chairman Xi has eliminated any daylight between China’s companies and the party’s army,” Sasse said.

“We did not win the Cold War by promoting cruise missiles into the Soviets, and we are not likely to conquer China by promoting semiconductors into the People’s Liberation Army. These principles are long overdue,” he explained.