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The Way the world is Responding to Turkey’s Attack in Syria

World authorities reacted with concern Wednesday after Turkey established a military offensive on Kurdish forces in northern Syria, although the UN Security Council intends to hold a crisis meeting to go over the attack.

Below are a few of the first remarks following the beginning of the assault, known as”Operation Peace Spring”.

US President Donald Trump has yet to comment right on the performance but he cautioned Turkey earlier this week that he would”obliterate” the nation’s market if it went too far.

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg encouraged Turkey to show”restraint”, while admitting that Ankara had”legitimate security concerns”.

“It is important to prevent activities which will further destabilize the area, escalate tensions, and lead to more human suffering,” Stoltenberg said in a press conference in Rome, in comments published by his office.

“I rely on Turkey to behave with restraint and to make sure that any actions it might take in northern Syria is proportionate and measured”

“Putin called on his Turkish spouses to think carefully about the problem to not damage overall attempts to solve the Syrian emergency,” the presidency said after a telephone call between the two leaders.

Syrian Kurds had previously called on the Damascus ally to facilitate dialogue with the Syrian regime to guarantee safety on the Turkey-Syria boundary.

No funds for’safe zone’

EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker required a stop to the surgery, telling Ankara that the bloc wouldn’t cover any so-called”secure zone” which may be created.

He informed the European Parliament he recognized Turkey had”security issues” across the boundary. However, he cautioned that the military actions wouldn’t result in a”result”, stating a political option was the only means to finish the Syrian battle.

“I call on Turkey in addition to the other celebrities to behave with restraint and to prevent surgeries already, as we’re talking, underway.

“I must say if the Turkish strategy requires the introduction of a so-called secure zone, do not expect the European Union to cover it.”

Turkey”is voluntarily denying further destabilizing the area and also a resurgence of IS” (Islamic State) by assaulting northeastern Syria,” German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas explained.

“Syria needs equilibrium and a political process… but the Turkish offensive today threatens to create a new humanitarian catastrophe,” Maas said in a statement, adding that Berlin will”urge Turkey to end its offensive and also to pursue its security interests peacefully”.

‘Kurds shamefully left’

US Senator Lindsey Graham pledged that Congress would impose a price on Turkey because of its offensive against Syria’s Kurds since the generally loyal ally of President Donald Trump sharply criticized US policy.

“Pray to our Kurdish allies who’ve been shamelessly left by the Trump Administration. This movement ensures that the reemergence of ISIS. Will lead attempt in Congress to create Erdogan pay a hefty price,” the Republican tweeted.

Joint announcement

France’s European Affairs Minister Amelie p Montchalin stated France, Germany, and Britain were operating on a joint announcement” that will be exceedingly clear on the fact that we strongly condemn” the Turkish effort.

French President Emmanuel Macron had previously expressed concern at the possibility of a Turkish military operation in regions controlled by the Kurdish forces, that have led the struggle against the Islamic State team in Syria.

He hosted a senior Syrian government officer for discussions on Tuesday” to demonstrate that France stands together with the Syrian Army (SDF) since they’re partners in the struggle against Daesh (IS) and we are extremely concerned by the potential for a Turkish functioning in Syria,” a presidential aide told AFP.

Dutch foreign ministry Stef Blok stated he’d summoned Turkey’s ambassador to condemn the attack.

“I call on Turkey to not stick to the path it has chosen,” Blok, whose nation is a part of the coalition from the Islamic State, according to Twitter.

“nobody may gain from the possibly terrible humanitarian effects. The operation can activate new refugee flows and damage the struggle against IS and stability in the area.”