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The Way to have a Dialogue Using a coronavirus conspiracy theorist

Conspiracies and conspiracy theories are not anything new.

There happen to be people who say that we never landed on the moon and that climate change is a hoax. But throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, broadly debunked conspiracies have proceeded from fringe to mainstream.

Anti-coronavirus restriction rallies are held in Berlin, Dublin, London, and Paris lately, and several of those who attended were brandishing posters demonstrating misinformation, like the fictitious 5G conspiracy.

In times of catastrophe, conspiracies often prosper. Just just how do you take part in discourse with people who continue to false coronavirus asserts?

And what should those people speaking about these would be close friends or loved ones?

Dr. Daniel Jolley, a senior lecturer at Northumbria University who specializes in the psychology of conspiracy theories, talked to Euronews’ social media information desk about the way to get those discussions.