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‘They Are fake’:” US president Trump cancels NYT, Washington Post subscriptions; National govt to follow

It wasn’t obvious if the cancellation will apply only to publish vouchers or also their electronic versions.

The White House sought to depict it as a cost-saving choice, “Not minding subscriptions across all federal agencies are going to be a substantial cost saving — hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars will be spared,” press secretary Stephanie Grisham said in a statement to The Times.

However, the President himself told Fox News, his favorite news outlet several whose hosts like unmatched access to him in a meeting, “We are going to likely finish that (the Times) and The Washington Post.”

“They are fake,” he added, with a phrase that he a pet term for social media critical of him has also called them the”enemy of the people”…

The Times is an exceptionally rewarding company and the Article is owned by Amazon creator and proprietor Jeff Bezos, however, it isn’t connected to Amazon, the firm.

Neither novel had a remark.

The Times and Post happen to be in the peak of the president’s record of information book he’d considered hostile to him and his government, and CNN, whose Jim Acosta had his White House press credential temporarily canceled, before he moved into court and had it restored.

Both news books have gathered a lot of Pulitzers to their investigative stories about Trump, his companies and Russian interference within the previous 3 decades. And the Post has been operating a widely mentioned”Fact Checker” of his fictitious or deceptive claims, which stood at 13,435 at the 993 days he’d been officer on October 9, the latest count.

However, Trump isn’t the first US president to banish a news book from the White House.

President John F Kennedy stopped the shipping of The New York Herald Tribune in 1962, miserable with its policy of him. However, the Times reported that he couldn’t do with it aides kept slipping in”bootlegs” of this novel until the ban has been lifted.