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Thief left Horizontal Following inflatable flamingo helps police track him down

Discretion is often wise when investing in stolen cash.

But this was not true in a campsite in France, in which a burglar bought an inflatable pink flamingo using a stolen credit card.

That helped authorities in the eastern Jura region track down him down.

An Engish tourist had dropped her credit card after leaving it at a store, the public prosecutor to get Lons-le-Saunier affirmed to Euronews.

It was discovered by a person who subsequently used it, especially purchasing the flamingo.

The tourist obtained a text message telling her a purchase was left with her card and she managed to convey the location and volume of the transaction.

With this information, authorities could discover the campsite store where the card has been utilized and, after talking to store employees, went in search of an inflatable pink flamingo.

Authorities readily found the perpetrator, due to this person’s rather vibrant purchase.

The thief immediately confessed the offense and handed the charge card to the authorities.

According to the prosecutor, the victim didn’t want to submit a formal complaint, content without being compensated for the money removed from her accounts (around 60$).

The scenario, which might be considered fraud and theft, has been closed with no further legal followup, they included.

It wasn’t obvious if the tourist maintained the inflatable flamingo.