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This Is why PUBG Mobile fans Must N’t Update to Apple iOS 13

Apple’s newest iOS 13 upgrade brings many fantastic attributes, but it is not bug-free. If you are a PUBG Mobile or Fortnite enthusiast, then you need to bypass the iOS 13 upgrade in your own iPhone. Even PUBG Mobile has confessed the matter using Apple’s new applications and can be working on a fix at the moment.

Apple introduced a new three-finger press-and-hold attribute geared toward enhancing text editing using all the iOS 13 upgrade. The characteristic, however, is breaking up the PUBG Mobile gameplay. Users reported they were facing problems when seeking to use over two fingers when enjoying PUBG Mobile and Fortnite. The minute they utilize more hands, apple’s new text attribute pop-ups between the match and interrupts the session.

“iOS 13 text editing connectors murdered four fingers. Touching with three palms will open the bar above in match (screenshot). Overall game killer at the start of the season,” wrote an individual on Twitter.

Its quite annoying when I play with pubg cellular game. Consistently appear when I walk shoot and extent in wilful. So guide me the way to disable or eliminate that annoying attribute in ios 13.

PUBG Mobile was fast to react to the most recent iOS 13. “We’re conscious of a problem for gamers that updated to iOS 13.0, where touching the display with three hands will activate an iOS role and disrupt the match,” the organization said.

“We’ve already raised the matter with Apple, and we’ll keep on working together to solve the matter. We propose players that play the sport with three or hands don’t update to iOS 13.0 till this problem is solved,” it added.

Apple is expected to resolve the bug using the iOS 13.1 upgrade that’s set to roll out on September 24. The new update is expected to attract many characteristics that could not make it into the recent iOS 13.