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This Katrina Kaif doppelganger is a Tik Tok Celebrity but never saw the Similarity:’Neither my family sees it my friends’

Model and Tik Tok celebrity Alina Rai is going viral because of her uncanny similarity to Katrina Kaif nevertheless state that she sees no similarity. Alina says that folks are forwarding her screenshots of posts being written about her neither her loved ones nor her friends ever told her she resembles the Bollywood celebrity.

Alina talked to Hindustan Times concerning the comparisons and stated she’d love to create her mark. “I don’t observe that. I feel that sometimes when it is somebody from the movie business, folks when they see celebrities or models they are not acquainted with, they visit exactness or affiliation with a person comfortable so they rid them of the creativity or the liberty of that they areā€¦ but with time I hope that I could make my markers and people will recognize me and as Alina Rai rather than a copy or something like that since I don’t actually resemble her so much.

“Lmfaooo god stated **kit Droppin Katrina 2.0 on the planet,” wrote a fan on one of Alina’s 73 images on the. Other photographs bear similar remarks too. “I visit the photoshop duplicate of Katrina Kaif,” read the following comment.

Alina realized that she had been likely viral for something aside from her Tik Tok movies once the news posts began pouring in. She stated she had been enjoying her moment on the movie sharing site, miming dialogues from Hindi movies and watching her films struck one million and 2 thousand marks, even when she had been approached for her respecting Katrina.

But despite her unwillingness to be called Katrina’s doppelganger, there’s more than looks they have in common. Alina, also, is out of London where she dwelt with her little Gujarati family. She transferred to India a year ago to test her fortune by modeling and Bollywood.

“I wished to be a version and operate at the movie market. As time moved on, I did lots of modeling in London and finally went to more Indian and Indian movie business and that aspect of things and amusement. I came to India. I arrived about a year ago, and now I am a model. I want to journey back and forth, and that was when I realized my own enthusiasm for to branch out to Bollywood,” she explained. Alina will make her movie debut with a job titled Lucknow Junction.

“I mean that I think she’s wonderful. .she has set herself as a celebrity in Bollywood. I believe you ought to create your mark along with your shine. In the event you are feeling poor under somebody else’s glow, I feel as if it is not perfect. And I want to be myself and others to be viewed as a role model rather than to be compared to anybody else,” she explained.