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‘This virus Causes it a double Load’ for Kids in Libya, Yemen and Syria

UNICEF maintains wars and conflicts have contributed to the maximum number of kids in need of help on earth.

It states almost 25 million kids are suffering involving those that are refugees and internally displaced.

UNICEF estimates that the catastrophic consequences of lockdowns on companies will drag approximately eight million more people to poverty.

“Our biggest concerns are for kids in places like Syria, such as Yemen, such as Libya, where battle meant that those children’s lives were (currently ) excruciating and this virus comes and leaves it a double load. This is our main concern and that is where we intensified our humanitarian support,” Touma said.

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Is getting humanitarian aid to such places harder since the COVID-19 pandemic?

“We are largely helped by people from neighborhood markets so that is something which we have worked to encourage local markets that are going down hugely in the area.”

“Predictions are that poverty will rise in 2020 by 8 million other people on account of the reduction of jobs”

Have you been seeing signs of this international ceasefire which UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is known for?

“Yes, we’ve observed an excellent lull in violence in areas like northwest Syria where should you remember in the start of the year it was a complete blood bath and that is quite welcome in the feeling that we are seeing a drop in the number of kids murdered”

“Unfortunately, we are not seeing the same occurring in places like Yemen in which it’s been five decades of brutal, barbarous war where kids pay the lowest cost “

“And we are in reality seeing an escalation in areas like Libya. And therefore it’s time the guns fall silent for the interest of children”

“This virus does not know any boundaries, does not know race, does not know which political side you are sitting and therefore it’s about time that violence comes to a conclusion and that I do expect that this ceasefire we known for translates into an entire end to those barbarous wars on children in this area.”