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Thousands march for Spanish unity in Barcelona one day Following violent pro-independence protests

Politicians in the left, right and center attended the protest organized by the Catalan Civil Society Association, which says it needs to reconstruct Catalonia calmly.

“I’m from Linares, my sons come out of Catalonia, I have lived here all of my life,” said one guy, “nobody enjoys Catalonia overa I do. I like Catalonia, Linares and I am Spanish, but I am not a separatist since I do not need obstacles.”

“Not just 1 part (of Catalonia) is legitimate,” added this girl. “In the event, the Catalonia regional authorities don’t represent the remainder of Catalans we must take into the road and say we’re here. Not just 1 part is legitimate, all of us constitute Catalonia”.

The central authorities in Madrid was symbolized by Spain’s acting foreign minister, Josep Borrell.

“It is crucial we take the route of a pacific coexistence. Without it, there is no way to solve the political issues we all have.”

On Saturday night a rally organized by a pro-independence direct action team descended into clashes since protesters targeted at the police headquarters.

Stones and bottles were thrown at officers that responded with batons and shields.

The events marred a mostly peaceful demonstration earlier in the afternoon when roughly 350,000 people marched in support of condemned Catalan separatist leaders.