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Thousands of protesters take to streets of Bangkok despite Authorities warning

Crowds of all anti-government protesters gathered at shut mass transit stations across Bangkok on Saturday, as Thailand’s capital confronted a fourth consecutive day of demonstrations.

The protesters were calling for Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-Ocha to leave the office the ministry to be amended to make it more democratic and also the country’s monarchy to undergo reform.

All channels of Bangkok’s elevated Skytrain mass transit program have been ordered closed on Saturday afternoon in a bid to thwart protests.

A line of this underground MRT system was shut, and police blocked off many streets.

Protesters fulfilled anyway and flew or required taxis to many rally points propagate through the town, where a few thousand eventually accumulated in every place to voice their needs and chant against Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-Ocha.

Organizers had known to their followers to fulfill Skytrain stations pending additional directions.

Groups of protesters met at lots of the stations which were closed, in effect creating a demonstration presence throughout the city.

In a further twist, organizers issued a new aide for associates to gather at three channels beyond the town’s central region, where access was simpler, particularly for people living in the suburbs.

The protesters are doing their best to elude the government, using social media to build followers ahead of the authorities have the time to obstruct them.

The government has announced plans to take legal actions against Twitter and Facebook reports which declare the protests, however, new calls to actions were submitted on Saturday.

Authorities on Friday had tried to block demonstrators but neglected when protest organizers declared a last-minute change of place.