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Thousands of Romanians protest against illegal logging, Strikes on Woods Employees

Thousands of Romanians marched from the capital Bucharest and other cities on Sunday in protest against widespread illegal logging, which is thought to be behind the deaths of two woods workers in the previous two months.

In downtown Bucharest, an estimated 4,000 people marched in the direction of the woods and water ministry, based on local TV channels, banging drums and chanting: “Our woods isn’t your commodity,” and”thieves.”

Even the protests, organized by Greenpeace Romania along with other ecological groups, required thorough criminal investigations into the deaths and strikes against woods workers, in addition to immediate updates to the nation’s automatic logging monitoring system and tighter laws.

The Silva trade union federation states six foresters are murdered lately while another 650 woods employees were beaten, assaulted with axes or knives or perhaps shot after grabbing illegal loggers from the action.

They comprise Raducu Gorcioaia, that had been discovered dead in his car with head wounds on Sept. 12 near a woods in Iasi county in southern Romania, also Liviu Pavel Pop, who had been shot dead on Oct. 16 from the northwestern Maramures county. Authorities are still researching both deaths.

Romania, that is home to several Europe’s last remaining virgin forests and diverse wildlife, is now dropping an estimated three to four eight hectares of forest per hour because of illegal logging, Greenpeace research have shown.

Smaller marches happened in other Romanian cities Sunday, together with protesters carrying signs that stated”Climate emergency” and”Save the woods.”

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