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Thousands pay homage since Serbia’s Patriarch is Set to rest after Perishing of COVID-19

Tens of thousands of mourners paid homage on Sunday to the Chief of Serbia’s Orthodox Christian Church That Expired of COVID-19 a week.

Ninety-year-old Patriarch Irinej tested positive for the virus shortly after presiding over the funeral of the two, who fell victim to coronavirus, in a ceremony where fundamental security measures were failed.

This time, the church adhered to strict sanitary precautions.

Mourners were permitted within the church throughout the liturgy but were prohibited from coming to the Patriarch’s coffin. Three days of official mourning were announced after his departure on Friday.

The huge bulk of the Balkan nation’s seven thousand people are Orthodox Christians.

Two giant screens have been set up outside the Church of Saint Sava, the largest Orthodox temple in the Balkans, so the faithful could adhere to the ceremony, and the Patriarch’s body was expected to be laid to rest in the crypt.

Serbia is presently facing the largest health crisis because the outbreak erupted in March, documenting record numbers of diseases and deaths on a nearly daily basis weekly.

The nation’s health care provider is under acute pressure. For the last week, there have been no hospital beds at the capital Belgrade, the worst-hit area of Serbia.