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Thousands protest in call for resignation of All Moldovan Authorities

The protesters were reacting to a need from the recently elected pro-European president Maia Sandu, who’s expected to take office after the year.

The demonstrators, whose projected amounts were supported by AFP journalists on the floor, cried”resign!” Or even” down with thieves down with corruption” While wearing masks to protect against dispersing coronavirus.

Sandu was the surprise winner of the presidential elections at the tiny ex-Soviet republic between Ukraine and Romania, beating pro-Russian Igor Dodon in November.

The resistance has already demonstrated that this week against new legislation reducing Republican forces caused by the authorities.

One of those laws transports control of their security services (SIS) into deputies, which Sandu and her fans believe is a means to decrease the function of the presidency at the expense of parliament, controlled by Dodon.

Speaking at the rally on Sunday, the president-elect stated”Igor Dodon doesn’t need to acknowledge defeat. He wishes to put fire to the nation, cause chaos, isolate Moldova worldwide. To do so, he uses thieves and corrupt officials in parliament.”

“We need Moldova to grow so that every one of the thieves goes to prison and also the citizens of the nation can live in peace and stability,” she explained.

Moldova is split between fans of a rapprochement with Moscow and people who encourage European integration, especially through the nation’s connections with neighboring Romania.

Sandu’s success marked a setback to Russia, which will be anxious to maintain its sway over the nation and whose military is set up in Transnistria, a pro-Russian land that’s seceded from Moldova.

Moscow publicly supported incoming President Igor Dodon.