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Three French secret agents Detained for Personal murder plot

French authorities have detained three members of the nation’s external intelligence support for arranging a murder away from the exercise of the functions.

A couple of the guys from France’s General Directorate for External Security were detained in the night between July 23 and July 24 at Créteil, a southeastern suburb of Paris, since it seemed like they had been”about to conduct a criminal action on a 54-year-old girl,” that the prosecutor’s office shown in an announcement on Wednesday.

Police, alerted by a neighborhood resident, discovered them in a stolen car with a bogus license plate. Both have been wearing gloves and army-issue knives. Officers also recovered a 9 mm-caliber handgun.

Police also arrested and identified a third person — a personal security agent — considered to have helped in the organization of this murder storyline.

These have been charged with trying first-degree murder within an organized gang, ownership of Category B guns, handling stolen goods, and conspiracy to murder. They face up to a decade in prison.

Two other individuals were detained on July 30 and 31. Both have been charged with complicity in a tried first-degree murder and getting involved in a criminal conspiracy and face up to a decade behind bars.

The prosecutor’s office stated that three of those people — those detained on July 24 and July 31 — were soldiers stationed in a specialized parachute training center beneath the DGSE’s jurisdiction in Saran, 120 km south of Paris.

The Directorate-General for External Security (DGSE) is France’s equivalent to Britain’s MI6 and the USA’s CIA. It’s tasked with executing assignments to further French interests on foreign land.