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Three French soldiers Perish in Mali after Automobile hit by Dialing Apparatus

Three French soldiers had been murdered in Mali on Monday when their armored vehicle was struck by an explosive device from the Hombori area, the French defense ministry said in a statement.

They belonged to some primary regiment in Thierville-Sur-Meuse in southern France.

The Elysée stated in a declaration that Macron saluted”the memory of those soldiers, who died for France at the achievement of the mission.

“He associates himself with all the pain of their own families, their relatives, and their brothers and assures them of their recognition and solidarity of the country.”

Macron also said that he was convinced in French soldiers at the Sahel and saluted their”guts”. He added that France would continue to pursue the struggle against terrorism.

Armies minister Florence Parly stated in a statement the three soldiers were engaged in a”zone in which terrorist groups assault civil inhabitants and undermine regional stability, in addition to our safety.”

Party added her ideas were with their fellow soldiers that continue to struggle in Mali.

At least 47 French soldiers have died since 2013 in army operations in Mali. Two French soldiers were killed in September in northern Mali with a homemade bomb.