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‘Til coronavirus do us part’: Lockdown Divides newlyweds for Weeks

For the previous 3 months, Adrien Deslandes has launched his afternoon with a Skype telephone to his spouse Güncel. She’s stuck in her home state, Turkey.

The pair wed in January but have now been divided ever since due to this COVID-19 lockdown travel ban.

Adrien, a 33-year-old tour guide, states he’s obtained conflicting responses by the Belgian government over if his spouse can travel to Brussels.

Güncel, 29, was in Turkey awaiting a Belgian residency license when coronavirus limitations were set in place.

“There was that this rollercoaster possibly we’ve got great news, possibly there will be a statement’,” said Adrien.

“I spoke to somebody who gave me something which appeared to be favorable and then you get an email or you speak to other people that tell you’ no, this isn’t likely to occur, you won’t have the ability to return.

You do not understand. It had been tough.”

The coverage is compared with European Commission guidelines. All this has created their separation much more bothersome.

“It feels that our union isn’t even true,” he explained. “Both at a sense since it appears to not matter to anyone that we’re wed, and in only a practical sense as we’re simply not one with another.”

Güncel explained: “This unclearness influenced me a lot since I’m a non-European citizen and I’ve essentially no faith.

“It is truly difficult for me to get in Belgium and at almost any other EU nation, even by acquiring a visa. We believed marriage would make matters simpler. Nevertheless, it did not.”

Belgium’s interior ministry informed Euronews that the travel ban has to be solved at the EU level before anything could be achieved for Deslandes.