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Toppled monument to slave Dealer Edward Colston Substituted with statue of BLM activist

Since the Dark Lives Issue movement swelled, activists turned their focus to a regular reminder of racial injustice of the past – sculptures and sculptures into colonialists and slave dealers.

In Bristol, a statue of Edward Colston, a 17th Century Tory MP and slave dealer was ripped down with a bunch and thrown to the lake on 7 June, in which the plinth has since stood empty – till today.

In the wee hours of Wednesday morning, a new monument was set up in Colston’s location – a statue of Dark Lives Issue activist Jen Reid.

Artist Marc Quinn made the likeness of Reid, a protester photographed standing on the plinth following demonstrators pulled Colston’s statue.

Quinn said Reid had”established the sculpture when she stumbled on the plinth and lifted her arm in the air. Now we are crystallizing it”

The new statute does not now have council permission to be there, however, Reid said: “I would like the council to maintain it because clearly what it signifies and that had been there ahead. It is a choice they’re going to get to make. I believe the main issue is that something is up there substituting Edward Colston. And for individuals to talk, educate, learn and just continue talking about, you understand, BLM (Black Lives Matter).”

“It seems like it goes there,” she added.

“Seems like it has been there forever. It is something that fills me with pride. Yeah, I love it.”

City authorities fished the Colston statue from the harbor and state it’ll be set in a museum, together with placards in the Dark Lives Issue protest.