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Tory PM vs Tory ex-PM: UK top court to rule Brexit row

The three-day hearing described as exceptional in different levels seen major barristers appearing on behalf of the competing parties: the Johnson authorities, Indian-origin campaigner Gina Miller, the Scottish authorities, MPs in addition to Major.

The government’s attorneys assert the prorogation is a political dilemma, which isn’t a matter for the courts, including that the prime minister is eligible to prorogue Parliament.

In among those forceful demonstrations, barrister Aidan O’Neill advised the 11 judges: “That which we have with this particular prorogation is that the mother of parliaments shut down from the father of lies. Lies have implications, but the facts will set us free”.

“Rather than let lies to succeed, this court ought to hear the angels of its own better character and principle this prorogation is a criminal misuse of this ability of prorogation that has been entrusted into the authorities,”” O’Neill, looking to get a cross-party group of MPs, said.

Major, who had been prime minister in 1990 to 1997, told the courtroom at a 10-page written entry: “The present factual film, on the substance that is accessible and concerning the lack of proof which should be accessible but hasn’t yet been supplied, is profoundly concerning.”

“The court is under no duty to approach this situation on the unnaturally innocent premise the handful of revealed documents, the contents of that nobody was willing to confirm with an overview of fact, should, however, be presumed to be completely accurate and complete once members of their cabinet don’t seem to think them”.

“It would also be wrong to move on such a basis since it might indicate that the true problem that’s arisen on the reality wouldn’t be solved.”

The dilemma of prorogation was decided otherwise in judges in Scotland, England, and Northern Ireland lately. The highest court in Scotland ruled the prorogation is criminal, although the other two courts stated it’s an issue of politics, law.

The Supreme Court hasn’t declared when its judgment is going to be delivered following the hearing, streamed life, finishes Thursday, but it’s very likely to affect the path of Brexit-related events before the October 31 deadline to leave the European Union.