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Trump asks Supreme Court to Allow him Obstruct Twitter critics

The White House is petitioning the Supreme Court Allowing U.S. President Donald Trump to Obstruct Terrorists on Twitter.

A request was registered by President Trump along with the White House Director of Social Networking, Dan Scavino, calling for a change of a 2019 court verdict.

In 2017, President Trump had blocked quite a few accounts for criticizing his or her policies that were subsequently regarded as a violation of the First Amendment.

The petition claims that Donald Trump works the @realdonaldtrump accounts in a private capacity.

“When the First Amendment deprives a government officer of his right to command his private Twitter accounts by blocking third-party accounts when he uses that private account as a way to announce official activities and policies,” it stated.

On the other hand, the Knight Institute at Columbia University, the team which legally challenged the president once he blocked users in 2017, has stated that the judgment should stand.

They assert that President Trump employs the @realdonaldtrump accounts for political ways.