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Trump dismisses Syria Worries; Democrats walk from WH meeting

Washing his hands of Syria, President Donald Trump announced Wednesday that the US does not have any stake in safeguarding the Allied fighters that perished by the tens of thousands as America’s spouses against IS extremists. Hours afterward, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other leading Democrats walked out of a meeting in the White House, accusing him of using a”collapse,” calling her a”third-grade politician” and with no strategy to take care of a possibly revived Islamic State team.

Condemnation of Trump’s stance on Turkey, Syria and the Kurds was fast and intense during the afternoon, not just from Democrats but from Republicans who were staunch supporters on nearly all problems.

The home, bitterly split over the Trump impeachment inquiry, banded together to get an overpowering 354-60 denunciation of this U.S. troop withdrawal. Many lawmakers expressed worry that it might result in revival of IS in addition to Russian presence and influence in the region — along with the slaughter of several Kurds.

In the White House,” Trump said the US has no business in the area — and not to be concerned about the Allied fighters.

“And incidentally, they are no angels”

Following the home condemnation vote, the congressional leaders of both parties moved into the White House to get a briefing, which climbed controversial, with Trump and Pelosi trading jabs. The Democrats said that they walked out as soon as the meeting devolved to an insult-fest.

“What we observed on the part of the president turned into a collapse,” Pelosi told reporters, saying Trump appeared reluctantly”shaken up” within the House vote.

“We could not continue in the assembly because he was simply not about the fact of this,” she explained.

He stated the meeting” wasn’t a conversation, this was kind of a diatribe, a dreadful diatribe not concentrated on the truth.”

Republicans pushed back, saying that it had been Pelosi who had become the issue.

“She storms from another meeting, attempting to ensure it is ineffectual,” said House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy.

She explained the speaker” had no intention of adhering contributing to a significant meeting on domestic security problems.”

Trump himself has stalked from his White House meetings with congressional leaders in May, saying he wouldn’t longer function with Democrats unless they fell all Russia investigations and last January through the partial government shutdown.

Separately on Wednesday, a letter has been revealed by which he cajoled and threatened Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan last week, urging him to behave just in”the appropriate and humane way” at Syria.

He began on a positive note, indicating they”work a fantastic bargain,” but afterward spoke about crippling economic sanctions and concluded that the world”will appear upon you eternally as the devil if great things do not occur. Do not be a difficult man.

In public appearances Wednesday,” Trump said that he was fulfilling a campaign promise to attract U.S. troops home from”endless wars” from the Middle East — casting aside criticism a surprising U.S. withdrawal from Syria betrays the Kurdish fighters, stains US credibility around the world and opens a significant area to Russia, which will be moving in.

“We’ve got a circumstance at which Turkey is taking property from Syria. Syria is not pleased about it. Let them work out it,” Trump said. “They have an issue at a boundary. It is not our edge. We should not be losing lives .”

Trump said that he was sending Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo into Ankara to advocate that the Turks to stop their weeklong offensive to northeastern Syria. However, his opinions, first to colleagues in the Oval Office and after a news conference with his Italian counterpart, indicated he sees little at stake for America.

“Syria might have some aid with Russia, and that is ok,” he explained. “They have got a great deal of sand on the market. So, there is a good deal of sand they can play .”

More than Trump indicated the United States has little concern at the Middle East since it’s geographically remote — a belief shared with some before Sept. 11, 2001, when al-Qaida militants used Afghanistan as a base from which to assault the U.S. That strike set off a string of armed conflicts, such as in Iraq, that Trump believes a waste of American lives and treasure.

The present drawback is the worst choice of Trump’s presidency, said South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, that matches regularly with the president also is among the most powerful and most significant supporters in Congress.

“If you believe the Mideast does not matter to America, recall 9/11 — we had the same mindset on 9/10/2001.”

Turkey’s Erdogan has stated he wishes to make a 30-kilometer (20-mile)-profound”secure zone” in Syria.

Ankara has long asserted that the Kurdish fighters are merely an expansion of the Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK, which has waged a guerrilla effort within Turkey since the 1980s and Turkey, in addition to both the U.S. and European Union, stipulate as a terrorist organization.

He called the roughly two sisters who dared out of Turkey’s first attack zone a week, however, throw that as meaning the U.S. has”mostly” finished its pullout.

A U.S. official familiar with preparation for the withdrawal of this 1,000 stated they are consolidating onto two chief foundations but still have not started flying from Syria in substantial amounts. Military equipment has been accumulated and hauled out, the officer said, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of this withdrawal, which presents large safety risks.

“It is not involving Turkey and the USA, like lots of dumb people want you to think,” Trump said. “Our soldiers aren’t in harm’s way, as they should not be.”

However, he said Wednesday, “It is time for us to come home”

Even as Trump defended his elimination of U.S. troops against northeastern Syria, he commended his decision to send more troops and military equipment to Saudi Arabia to assist the kingdom shield against Iran.

Trump said that the U.S. is delivering missiles and”great power” into the Saudis, and”they are paying for this.”