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Trump: King Salman Provides condolences Following Saudi kills three in US naval base in Florida

US President Donald Trump Stated he Talked with Saudi Arabia’s King Salman Following a Part of the Saudi Air Force was identified by officials since the suspected Shot in a navy base in Florida.

“Given that this is a foreign national from the use of a foreign agency… clearly the authorities of Saudi Arabia should make matters better for all these victims and I believe they’re likely to owe a debt given that this was one of the people,” stated Florida governor Ron DeSantis.

The king said that the Muslim people were”angered by the barbaric action of this shooter,” the US president told and tweeted reporters.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation wouldn’t confirm the identity or name of the shooter and said the investigation was continuing.

Naval officials told a news conference the Saudi pilot was in the united states for a military training program.

“We’ve got a global training syllabus. We’ve got students from many distinct nations who come here. They know air,” said Captain Tim Kinsella, by the Naval Air Station at Pensacola.

This is the next shooting at a US naval base this week.

On December 4, a U.S. sailor murdered two people and himself in the Pearl Harbor naval shipyard at Hawai’i, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service affirmed in a press conference.