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Trump, Mark Zuckerberg hold surprise White House Assembly

Last updated on September 20, 2019

“Mark is currently in Washington, D.C., meeting policymakers to listen to their concerns and speak about potential online regulation. He had a great, constructive meeting with President Trump in the White House now,” stated the spokesperson, Andy Stone.

The company didn’t state how long the assembly was, who attended what the subjects were.

Trump lashed out on Facebook in June, implying that the government should sue the societal networking giant in addition to Google.

“Look, we ought to be using Google and Facebook and that, which maybe we shall, OK?” He explained the Large Tech businesses are”all Democrats” and”entirely biased towards Democrats.”

Hawley said he advised Zuckerberg that Facebook should market WhatsApp and Instagram if the business is serious about information privacy and promote concentration. Hawley stated he pressed against Zuckerberg about”political prejudice,” a regular criticism in conservative online circles.

“We also discussed the censorship issue, and I only want to highlight one reason the censorship and political prejudice issue is really pressing is since Facebook is so significant. It is because they’re monopoly size,” that the Missouri senator told reporters.

Regardless of Trump’s previous criticism of Facebook, his presidential effort has lasted paying big dollars to market on the site, for example, over $3.6 million between December 30 of last year and March 23.

He also spent heavily Facebook from the run-up into the 2016 election, purchasing over 5.9 million advertisements, Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign director Brad Parscale informed PBS.