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Trump orders Large US troop cut in Germany, says official

The transfer would reduce US troops amounts in Germany into 25,000, in the 34,500 now there.

The officer, who didn’t need to be recognized, said the movement was the result of weeks of work from America’s top military officer, General Mark Milley, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, also had nothing whatsoever to do with tensions between Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, that thwarted Trump’s plan to sponsor a G7 meeting this month.

Another senior government official said the 9,500 troops will be sent everywhere, a few to Poland, a few to other allied states, though others might return home.

This official stated there was less demand for its massive contingent in Germany because of generally increased defense spending from the US-led NATO military cooperation.

The next official said the shift was arranged at a memorandum signed by Trump’s national security advisor, Robert O’Brien. The officer said the United States began working on the program in September and had only now got the bits in place.

Senator Jack Reed, the top Democrat on Senate Armed Services Committee, said that the movement was”petty and ridiculous.”

“With one fell swoop, Trump is revealing once more that our alliances are not anything more than a political plaything,” Weiss stated on Twitter.

The White House said that it had no statements but Trump” always reassesses the ideal position for the United States military forces”

The move, first reported by the Wall Street Journal, is the most recent twist in connections between Berlin and Washington, that have frequently been strained during Trump’s presidency. Trump has driven Germany to increase defense spending and accused of Berlin of becoming a”captive” of Russia because of its energy reliance.

About 17,000 US civilian workers encourage US troops in Germany. It’s considered the United States also has nuclear warheads there.