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Trump replaces ‘America First’ with ‘Me First’

Last updated on October 18, 2019

Within an inaugural speech he delivered only over 1,000 days before, President Donald Trump declared that”America First” would direct his schedule.

In the White House press briefing room, acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said Trump had picked his very own Florida golf hotel to sponsor the next year’s G-7 assembly in the USA.

“That choice is without precedent in modern American history: The president used his public office to lead a massive contract for himself,” that the Washington Post states.

Mulvaney also confessed the Trump administration withheld overseas aid to Ukraine since, among other matters, it needed the nation to research the conspiracy concept that somehow Russia was not involved in the hacking of DNC emails in 2016.

Query: “Hence the requirement for an investigation to the Democrats was a part of the reason he ordered to withhold financing to Ukraine?”

Mulvaney: “The appearance back to what occurred in 2016…”

Query: “The research to Democrats.”

Mulvaney:”… was a part of this item he concerned about in corruption together with that state. And that’s completely appropriate.”

Mulvaney strove to walk back that remark later in the afternoon.

And Trump celebrated a ceasefire in northern Syria involving Turkey and the Kurds — that gave Turkey what it needed.

“The cease-fire arrangement reached with Turkey from Vice President Mike Pence numbers into a near-total success for Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, that profits territory, pays small penalties and seems to get outmaneuvered President Trump,” that the New York Times writes.

Ask yourself: Who profits from the G-7 being held in Trump’s golfing resort?

Who profits from approving foreign aid out of a nation — unless it agrees to an investigation to the 2016 election?

And who profits in the army incursion into northern Syria?

It is not America.

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69 percent.

This was the decrease in net operating revenue for Trump’s Doral golf hotel in 2017, according to the Washington Post.

“The Trump Organization claims the actual problems scaring away visitors would be the Zika virus and hurricanes. The Doral club earnings appeared slightly in 2018, according to Trump’s presidential financial disclosures, even though it’s uncertain whether gains went down or up “

Tuesday’s Democratic debate happened only 3 days ago.

Nonetheless, it seems more like three months back, right?

That is the Effect of the impeachment question, in addition to the situation in Syria, to the jaw-dropping statements and activities contrary to the White House.

The argument was only an intermission in the larger drama playing out in Washington.

. And Mark Sanford is the Hawkeye State.

Joe Biden Thursday spoke in the DNC’s Women’s Leadership Forum at D.C., in which he floated the notion that President Trump is going to be removed from office before the 2020 election. NBC’s Marianna Sotomayor reports Biden’s remarks:”‘He has a second year at office… possibly. Perhaps,’ he explained. ‘He is not even clever enough to understand what he does not understand.'” And on Rudy Giuliani,” Biden said, “Giuliani, God bless him reminds me of the line from Voltaire. Well God has given it to the Democratic Party.”

NBC’s Maura Barrett reports on Kamala Harris’ swipe Medicare for everybody in Iowa:”We are not gonna raise middle-class taxes and gonna allow you to have choice” and”this can be a point of differentiation between me and a number of my coworkers on this point” It must be noted that Harris was among the very first co-sponsors on Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All invoice.

Do not overlook the pod out of Thursday, when we assessed on Joe Biden’s standing in the Democratic presidential race following this week’s previous debate.

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Regardless of a declared cease-fire, combating is ongoing about the Turkey-Syria border.

Mick Mulvaney currently states “there was absolutely no quid pro quo involving Ukrainian military help and some other investigation to the 2016 election,” a change of that which he seemed to state at a press conference just hours before.

House Democrats are calling five Trump officials to testify at the impeachment probe.

Here is the Most Recent from the Brexit play with.

Mitt Romney could have a concept about what occurred with Trump’s Syria decision.

Strategies to crack on subject one of the Navy SEALs could have something standing in the manner: President Trump.

A brand new poll reveals service for the House’s impeachment question at 54 percent.

Rick Perry is departing at the end of the calendar year, he states.

Two vacationers are pleading not guilty to conspiring with partners of Rudy Giuliani within an illegal campaign contribution strategy.

Do not look now, however, there might be another shutdown struggle in November.

FEC seat Ellen Weintraub is talking out.

POLITICO takes a major look back in Trump’s connection with Giuliani.

There is a large legal struggle playing about Roger Stone… And clips from the film”The Godfather, Part II.” (Yes, actually.)

Biden needed a significant firewall with black voters. Could it be crumbling?

House Democrats are raising big money from the quest to maintain their majority.

The AP inquires if Pete Buttigieg gets got the”warm fuzzies” to win minds and hearts.

Editor’s Note
In reality, it was Bernie Sanders who made this comment, not Warren. In our online edition, we substituted that quotation with a different from Warren — to make our purpose regarding her strengths and flaws in the argument. The correction to this initial online narrative could be viewed here.