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Trump taps Mark Meadows to Substitute Mulvaney as chief of Personnel

Trump also declared on Twitter which Mulvaney would eventually become U.S. special envoy for Northern Ireland.

Trump didn’t offer a reason behind why he substituted Mulvaney.

Meadows is thought to be one of Trump’s staunchest allies. Meadows declared in December he wouldn’t seek out re-election in 2020. At the moment, Meadows suggested he might have a part in aiding the president.

The lawmaker said that his”work with President Trump and his government is just starting.”

“This President has achieved incredible consequences for the nation in only 3 decades, and I am fully committed to remaining at the struggle with him and his staff to build on these successes and deliver on his promises for years ahead,” Meadows stated from the December announcement.

Mulvaney became Trump’schief of staff in December 2018, after the president declared that John Kelly, his next chief of personnel, was supposed to depart at the conclusion of the year.

Trump’s first chief of staff, Reince Priebus, was eliminated by the president in July 2017 following six months at work.