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Trump to impose sanctions on Turkey amid GOP blowback into Syria troop withdrawal

President Donald Trump stated Monday he intends to sanction Turkey amid continuing criticism from Republican lawmakers over his decision to draw U.S. forces from Syria to make way for a Turkish performance.

Trump said he’d sign an executive order sanctions” against present and former officials” in Turkey’s authorities” and any men contributing to Turkey’s destabilizing activities in northeast Syria.”

“This Order will allow the United States to inflict powerful added sanctions on people who might be involved in severe human rights abuses, blocking a ceasefire, preventing homeless persons from returning home, forcibly repatriating refugees, or threatening the peace, safety, or stability in Syria,” Trump added in an announcement submitted to Twitter.

Trump said in the announcement he intends to increase tariffs on Turkish steel around 50 percent and”instantly” stop trade discussions with the nation.

Additionally, it prompted diplomatic concerns for those displaced by the offensive.

Numerous Republicans — such as many leading Trump allies — compared the president’s choice to draw U.S. forces against the northern boundary of Syria and permit a Turkish performance because it indicated a significant setback to the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic ministry, or SDF, which the U.S. in its own struggle against the Islamic State.