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Trump warns China of Effects if found responsible for Covid-19

Trump, who expressed his disappointment over tackling of this coronavirus disorder (COVID-19) from China, alleged non-transparency and first non-cooperation using the US on this matter.

“You are referring to, you know, possibly lives like nobody has seen as 1917,” Trump said his connection with China was quite good until the time the mortal COVID-19 swept the entire world.

“The connection was great when we were signing up that, but, all of a sudden, you hear about it. Thus, it is a large difference.

“You know the question was asked could you be mad at China. The answer well maybe a resounding yes, however, it is different,” Trump said.

The president asserted that there was a major difference between an error which made out of control or something done intentionally.

“In either event, they ought to have let’s move in. You know, we requested to go in rather early and they did not want us. I believe they understood it was something awful and that I think they were ashamed,” Trump said.

“If drowsy Joe Biden wins, China will have the USA,” Trump said, adding that his government had gained billions of dollars out of China because of his tight trade policies.

The president stated the coronavirus catastrophe had hurt everyone.

China is not even close. Return two weeks. And we are going to keep it this way,” he explained.

Trump claimed that Iran was a much different country than it had been earlier.

“When I came in, Iran was likely to take over the whole Middle East,” he explained.