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Trump, who does Not Take a Pocket, Retains Money as he Enjoys to tip in hotels

US President Donald Trump has stated he conveys cash in his pocket as he loves giving tips in the resorts.

“I have not used it in quite a very long time,” Trump said when a reporter asked when does he utilize that money. Trump also stated that he doesn’t carry a pocket.

“I don’t carry a pocket since I have not needed to use a charge card in quite a while. I do like leaving hints into the resort. I love to take a small something,” he explained.

“I am telling you, perhaps a president not supposed to get it done, but I love to leave a suggestion for the resort,” Trump told the reporters.

Trump then requested a copy of the film taken by a photojournalist. “Boy, that is a fantastic picture. Hey, I would like a bit of this film,” he explained.