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‘Trump’s media demonisation pays off’: Attacks on US journalists soar amid George Floyd protests

Press freedom organizations have raised the security alarm after over 200 attacks & arrests on journalists after the demise of George Floyd.

There was a further thirty-five reports of damage to newsrooms or equipment.

Of the 143 alleged assaults, forty-nine were actual physical attacks on journalists (thirty-one by police), fifty injuries by the projectile as well as rubber bullets, thirty-five instances of tear gas consumption, and twenty-one of pepper spray.

“They are direct violations of media freedom, a basic constitutional worth in the United States.

Based on the nonprofit Freedom belonging to the Press, within only a couple of hours on June two, 7 journalists had been arrested while addressing the protests.

Several of these attacks had been recorded, both by protesters and by the media themselves.

They were simply released following the state governor privately intervened. The video clip of their arrest generally circulated on social networking.

In a declaration, CNN denounced “a specific violation of the First Amendment rights”.

Nobody was severely injured.
One said: “I’ve for no reason seen anything as this.”

Protesters have assaulted the press, too

In a declaration, Reporters Without Borders condemned the episodes by protesters on journalists & said they had been “fuelled by many years of stabilization of the media by Donald Trump”.

RSF has warned on the effects of this particular blatant hostility to the press, and we’re currently seeing an unprecedented outbreak of violence from journalists within the US.”

“RSF calls on every US authorities to make certain the complete protection of journalists as well as to honor the country’s founding concepts concerning regard for press freedom,” Deloire included.

Donald Trump again criticized the media on Twitter on Sunday, publishing that the press helps lawlessness” and “foster hatred as well as on the other end them “fake news”.