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‘Try to Divide China will Finish in Smashed bones’: Xi on Hong Kong protests

Chinese President Xi Jinping has issued a stern warning against dissent since protests continue in Hong Kong, saying any attempt to split China will finish in”smashed bodies and smashed bones”.

Public transport channels and stores regarded as pro-Beijing were ruined.

Many neighborhoods found rallies, and from Sunday afternoon at 27 channels on the MTR – Hong Kong’s subway – were shut.

Authorities said they’d utilized”minimal force” to disperse protesters, but television footage revealed weekend shoppers captured in the chaos.

Some were filmed crying and seemingly injured as officers hurried to a shopping center.

Riot police with shields were forced from a single mall by rapping shoppers that took the side of the protesters.

Petrol bombs were thrown at Mong Kok police station, and one officer had been slashed in the throat, police say.

Another man was defeated by protesters who discovered a baton in his purse and thought he had been an undercover police officer.

Embedding police one of the protesters has paid strategic dividends for its Hong Kong induce, and disperse paranoia one of the largely young activists.

Overnight on Sunday, 1 set of protesters hauled a three-meter-high statue of a protester to Lion Rock, a famous outcrop overlooking Hong Kong.

The statue, Lady Liberty, is now a sign of the rallies, also sports a gas mask, goggles, and a helmet.

She signifies an injured protester that demonstrators think was captured in the eye with a police projectile.

The team of several dozen, some sporting headlamps, increased the 500-meter summit in a thunderstorm.

Hong Kong’s protests began in June against proposals to permit extradition to mainland China, a move many feared would endanger the town’s judicial independence and undermine dissidents.

The bill has been withdrawn, however, protests have enlarged to include requirements for full democracy and an inquiry into claims of police brutality.

Before this month, the town’s authorities used a colonial-era crisis legislation to prohibit the wearing of face masks at public rallies – but demonstrators pledged to withstand it.

Over 2,300 people have been detained since the civil disobedience started.

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