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Turkey Prohibits Kurdish-language Drama from Istanbul Theater, organisers State

Turkish authorities have prohibited a Kurdish-language drama from a civil theater in Istanbul, according to organizers.

However, the drama was allegedly taken out of the program on Tuesday. It could have marked the first time”Beru” was staged in the nation in Turkey’s history.

“We had been on stage, ready and awaiting the audiences once the decision to prohibit the drama was issued from the sub-prefecture,” celebrity Rugs Kirici told AFP.

The usage of the language in the public area was prohibited for several years in Turkey, but has been partly authorized in the 1990s and continues to be used more broadly since.

In 2015, Turkey abandoned efforts in a peace process with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) that has participated in the guerrilla struggle together with the Turkish authorities for over 30 decades.

The Turkish government denied that the ban on the Kurdish language, justifying their decision to prohibit the as a movement to stop”PKK propaganda”.

“Theatre at Kurdish is permitted. However, a drama containing PKK propaganda cannot be tolerated,” said Ismail Catakli, spokesman for the interior ministry, without providing further information.

“We didn’t anticipate such a ban,” said celebrity Omer Sahin.

It’s a pity for this nation,” additional Kiri.

“Why does this drama Kurdish be a danger to public order? We’re going to laugh at a comedy, that wasn’t tolerated,” she added.

Dario Fo’s play has been translated into many languages and played in several countries throughout the world.

Produced in 1914, the Istanbul Municipal Theatre had intended to sponsor”Beru”, led by the independent firm Tetra Jiyana Nu (Theatre of New Life) for the first time on Tuesday at the district of Gaziosmanpasa.