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Turkey’s growing war of words Together with Greece and Cyprus over Mediterranean drilling

Turkey was the primary topic on the schedule since the EU’s foreign policy leader Josep Borrell came to Cyprus for discussions on Thursday.

Tensions have been growing at the eastern Mediterranean since last year due to differences over rival attempts to drill for gas.

The Cypriot authorities say Turkish boats have been occupying and conducting seismic surveys in waters south of the island which are in its exclusive rights.

But Turkey states that standing ignores the promise of Turkish Cypriots into the island’s energy sources. It’s sent its navy to secure its drill boats.

Membership talks have been at a stalemate for many years and also this reflects that the dysfunctional state of Turkey-EU connections, based on Dr. Ilke Toygür, a European affairs analyst in the Elcano Royal Institute at Madrid.

“Today, Turkey and the EU are extremely interconnected acquaintances — market, migration, energy, you name it but the principal framework to associate [with each other] isn’t working at present,” she informed Euronews.

Last year that the EU reduced its financial aid and stopped high-level discussions with Turkish officials as part of sanctions within the drilling action of the Cypriot shore.

However, Dr. Toygür stated Turkish foreign policy had shifted in the past several years and was currently”multi-dimensional”.

“Because its transition into the presidential system, [Turkey] has left behind the times when the west has been its chief strategically,” she explained.

“This does not automatically indicate it is drifting away in the EU [and] shifting towards a different celebrity, but it usually means it does not shy away from unilateral use of force or picking its foreign policy moves .”

Dendias said it has to”abstain from the prohibited gunboat diplomacy”.

However, Turkey reacted by stating Dendias’s opinions were”completely isolated from reality”.

A spokesman for its Turkish Foreign Ministry stated Greece and Cyprus”must wake up in their fantasy they can limit Turkey to the shores, which this can be consistent with international law”

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