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Turkey’s President Erdogan to See Brussels amid standoff with EU over migrants

Thousands of migrants headed for Turkey’s land boundary with Greece after Erdogan’s government said that it would no longer stop migrants and refugees from crossing over to EU land. Greece deployed riot police and border guards to repel individuals hoping to go into the nation in the sea or from the land.

An announcement from Erdogan’s office said he’d travel to Brussels on March 9. The announcement didn’t specify where he would be during his one-way trip or the essence of the job taking him into the capital, but the European Union’s headquarters are in Brussels.

The statement came after the European Union foreign ministers meeting in Croatia on Friday criticized Turkey, saying that it had been using the migrants’ despair” for political motives. “

Similar scenes happened during the last week.

Erdogan declared said last week that Turkey, which houses over 3.5 million Syrian refugees, wouldn’t longer be Europe’s gatekeeper and announced that its formerly protected boundaries with Europe are currently open.

The movement alarmed EU nations, that continue to be enduring political fallout in the tide of mass migration five decades back.

Erdogan has required that Europe shoulder the burden of caring for refugees. However, the EU insists it’s abiding with a 2016 bargain where it gave Turkey billions in refugee help in exchange for maintaining Europe-bound asylum-seekers on its soil.

In a telephone call with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday,” Erdogan stated the Turkey-EU migration bargain is no longer operating and has to be revised, according to the Turkish leaders office.

The European foreign ministers acknowledged Turkey for hosting tens of thousands of migrants and refugees, but stated the 27-nation EU” strongly rejects Turkey’s usage of migratory pressure for political motives. This scenario in the EU external border isn’t acceptable.”

They said the EU was decided to guard its external boundaries.

Greek government said they thwarted over 38,000 tried border crossings from the last week and detained 268 individuals — mostly Afghans and just 4 percent Syrians.