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Turkey’Will Not stop’ Syria Performance despite’threats’:’ Recep Tayyip Erdogan

“Whatever some might say, we are not going to stop this measure that we’ve obtained,” Erdogan said at a speech in Istanbul.

“Dangers are coming from right and left, telling us to prevent this,” he added.

“We won’t step backā€¦ We shall continue this struggle until all of the terrorists move south of the 32-kilometer (20 mile) limitation from our boundary which Mr Trump himself said.” Turkey established a surgery on Wednesday from the Kurdish People’s Security Units (YPG) in northern Syria that it believes a”terrorist” offshoot of Kurdish insurgents within its territory.

It intends to set a buffer zone to maintain the YPG from its boundary — an idea which has been publicly mooted by US President Donald Trump at the onset of the year.

But, Trump and other European allies have greatly criticized this week’s offensive by Turkey, since they’d utilized the YPG since the important frontline force in the struggle against the Islamic State team in the past couple of decades.