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Turkish Army to Get into Syria’Soon’ — Erdogan aide

Turkey was poised to progress to northeast Syria because the U.S. troops started vacating the region within an abrupt policy change from U.S. President Donald Trump broadly hailed in Washington as a betrayal of America’s allies, the Kurds.

Turkish officials previously said the army had struck the Syrian-Iraqi boundary to stop Kurdish forces employing the road to strengthen the region.

Erdogan’s aide Fahrettin Altun explained that fighters in the Kurdish YPG militia in Syria could defect or Ankara would need to”prevent them from interrupting” Turkey’s fight against the Islamic Condition militants.

“The Turkish army, with all the Free Syrian Army, will cross the Turkish-Syrian border soon,” Altun stated in a column at the Washington Post.

“Turkey does not have any ambition at northeastern Syria except to neutralize a longstanding threat contrary to Turkish citizens to liberate the local population in the yoke of armed thugs,” the column said.

Turkey has stated it plans to make a”safe zone” to be able to return tens of thousands of refugees to Allied dirt, but the plot has alerted some Western allies just as far as the dangers posed by the army operation itself.

For Turkey, that perspectives Kurdish YPG fighters in northeast Syria as terrorists due to their ties to militants waging an insurgency within Turkey, an influx of non-Kurdish Syrians would allow it to protect a buffer against its principal security threat.

The U.S. withdrawal in the region will depart Kurdish-led forces extended allied to Washington vulnerable to assault from the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK).

Erdogan will go to the USA on Nov. 13 in Trump’s invite, a White House spokesman said. He declared on Monday that U.S. soldiers had begun to withdraw following a telephone call he had Trump.

Trump’s decision to withdraw troops out of northeast Syria has rattled allies, such as France, among Washington’s major partners at the U.S.-led coalition combating Islamic State.

Russia, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s strongest overseas ally, said it wasn’t advised ahead of time by Washington or even Turkey any arrangements to pull U.S. troops.

Signaling an additional possible change from the area’s power equilibrium, the Kurdish-led forces said that they could begin discussions with the Syrian authorities and Russia to fulfill a security vacuum in case of a complete U.S. withdrawal.

Trump denied that he had left the Kurdish forces, the very effective U.S. spouses in combating Islamic State in Syria. However, he praised Turkey as a trade partner, at a softening of tone hours later threatening to”completely ruin” Turkey’s market when it erupts”off-limits” in Syria.

Some 60 kilometers (40 kilometers ) to the west, multiple launch rocket systems mounted on two trucks were set behind ground embankments near Suruc, contrary to the Syrian border city of Kobani. Artillery was stationed in the region, and soldiers drifted around a nearby military camp.

Mustafa Bali of this Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) stated the Turkish army buildup, together with advice about additional mobilization of both Turkey-backed Syrian rebels, suggested that”an attack is imminent”.