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Turkish invasion of north Syria undermined’Defeat ISIS’ Assignment: Pentagon

The”unilateral invasion” of northern Syria has led to widespread casualties and devastation, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said on Monday.

This has also jeopardized the thriving multinational”Defeat ISIS” assignment in Syria, ” he said.

Esper will be seeing NATO following week in Brussels and that he intends to media members of this alliance to take collective and respective diplomatic and financial measures in reaction to Turkish activities.

“Regardless of the resistance and repeated warnings against the united states and the global community, Turkish President (Recep Tayyip) Erdogan arranged a unilateral invasion of northern Syria who has led to widespread casualties, refugees, destruction, insecurity, along with an increasing threat to US military forces,” he explained.

“This unacceptable incursion has also jeopardized the thriving multinational’Defeat ISIS’ assignment in Syria, also caused the launch of several harmful ISIS detainees,” Esper said in a statement late Monday afternoon.

Because of Turkey’s reckless activities, the threat to US forces in northeast Syria has reached an unacceptable amount, ” he explained. “We’re also in danger of being engulfed in a wider battle. Accordingly, in the President’s (Donald Trump) management, the Department of Defense is implementing a deliberate shortage of US military personnel in northeast Syria,” the defense secretary said.

President Erdogan bears full responsibility for its effects, to incorporate a possible ISIS resurgence, potential war crimes, along with a developing humanitarian catastrophe, he stated. The bilateral relationship between the united states and Turkey have also been ruined, Esper said. They stated this has jeopardized American national security and the safety of its allies across the globe.

“To be clear, President Trump’s lack of US forces is leading to the chaos and chaos Turkey is inducing in northeastern Syria,” the announcement said. The Kurdish partners happen to be paying the greatest price tag of the betrayal and tens of thousands of civilians have been homeless, the Democratic senators rued.

Completely withdrawing the US from northern Syria, now, without a plan set up is”ceding our pursuits into Putin, Erdogan, Assad, Iran, and others that are already gleefully filling the security vacuum”, according to the announcement.

Trump should use this moment to measure up, do the ideal thing, and proper path, the senators required. “He could listen to his national military and security advisers, and to the chorus of bipartisan voices in Congress and throughout the globe who made it crystal clear this was a grave error worth turning,” they stated in the announcement. Leaders aren’t people that are always correct, but people that would like to learn from their mistakes, they explained.