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Twitter calls out US President Donald Trump, he Reacts

“Twitter is currently interfering from the 2020 Presidential Election. They’re saying my announcement on Mail-In Ballots, that will cause massive fraud and corruption, is wrong, according to fact-checking from Fake News CNN and the Amazon Washington Post…,” Trump tweeted Tuesday.

“Twitter is stifling FREE SPEECH, and that I, as President, won’t let it happen!” He explained in a different tweet.

The movement marked a dramatic change for the social media, Trump’s chief instrument for obtaining an amazing version of his message from his political base, following years of permissive policies about content on its platform.

The business was tightening those policies in the past few years amid criticism that its hands-off strategy had enabled misuse, bogus accounts, and misinformation to flourish.

Trump, who’s over 80 million followers Twitter, asserted in tweets earlier in the afternoon that mail-in ballots will be”substantially deceptive” and lead to a”rigged election” He also singled out the governor of California on the problem, even though the state isn’t the only one to utilize mail-in ballots.

Months after, Twitter submitted a blue exclamation mark alert under those tweets, prompting readers to”get the truth about mail-in ballots” and directing them into a webpage with information supplied by Twitter staffers regarding the claims.

Twitter stated the use of a fact-checking tag to the president tweets was an expansion of its “misleading information” policy, released earlier this month to fight misinformation regarding the coronavirus.

It stated at the time it would subsequently expand the Covid-19 coverage to other kinds of disputed or deceptive info.